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care at home

Vet to Pet House calls

Sue Boyadjian DVM


Serving Tompkins County, NY and its surrounding areas.



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Veterinary care in your own home

For some animals a visit to a veterinary hospital can be a traumatic experience full of frightening sounds and smells.  With a house call those stressful situations are taken out of the equation.


Owners with many pets know all too well how challenging it can be to shuttle multiple animals to a veterinary hospital at the same time. Reduce anxiety all around by having a veterinarian come to you.


Those who would prefer more personalized care  for themselves and their pet would find a house call to be be the best choice.  A house call offers one on one time with a veterinarian who makes sure that every concern and question is addressed.


House calls are a perfect solution for those that need assistance or must arrange transportation to get to a veterinary hospital.


Photo credits:  

Golden retriever shots: Maggie Smith, shih tzu puppy: posterize,

blue eyed kitty: Graur Codrin, macaw: Bill Longshaw

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